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Messaggio Wanted To Give This Award To Bakhtiari, Because I Love #69 And Offensive Line Play In General, But Adamsí Jump From Year

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The Packers are hiring Nathaniel Hackett as their offensive coordinator Womens Blake Martinez Jersey , Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports.New coach Matt LaFleur also interviewed former Buccaneers offensive coordinator Todd Monken for the job, but the Browns hired Monken as their offensive coordinator. He also had interest in his brother, 49ers receivers coach Mike LaFleur, and 49ers run game coordinator Mike McDaniel, but the Packers could not pry either from San Francisco, Tom Silverstein of the reports.Hackett, whom the Jaguars fired in November, also drew interest from the Lions for their vacant offensive coordinator position.He served as the Bills offensive coordinator in 2013-14 before moving to the Jaguars in 2015 as quarterbacks coach. Hackett earned a promotion to offensive coordinator with the Jaguars in 2016.Hackett also has a long resume in the college ranks.LaFleur will continue to call the plays for the Packers, though Hackett will have the job title of coordinator. Donít look now, but the 2018 season is half over. As the Packers head into the latter half of their 2018 schedule, we thought it would be worthwhile to take a step back and identify some of the best performers of the season so far. Who are your picks? Let us know in the comments.Jon MeerdinkOffensive MVP: Davante AdamsDefensive MVP: Kenny ClarkRookie of the Year: Jaire AlexanderMost Improved Player: Kyler FackrellComments: Of course Aaron Rodgers is technically more valuable, but how the Patriots played Davante Adams Sunday says a lot about where he fits in the Packersí offense. Heís their most important non-Rodgers cog and the one the offense could least afford to lose right now.On defense, Kenny Clark is the engine that makes everyone else go. His work in the middle makes Mike Daniels better and would really help the edge rush if the Packers had anyone to play the position.Kyler Fackrell is my most improved player in part because heís been passable this year and in part because Jermaine Whitehead was my first choice and he got cut. Evan ďTexĒ WesternOffensive MVP: David BakhtiariDefensive MVP: Kenny ClarkRookie of the Year: Jaire AlexanderMost Improved Player: Kyler FackrellIt was a nail-biter for me deciding on OMVP, but Iím going with Bakhtiari over Adams. Fundamentally Demetri Goodson Jersey White , I believe that Bakhtiari is the best left tackle in football, and there are plenty of stats that back that up. I love me some Tae, but heís not the best wideout in the NFL. Plus, without Bakhtiari keeping Aaron Rodgersí blind side protected, there probably isnít enough time for Rodgers to hit Adams on some of the deep balls that he has hauled in.On defense, Clark is my clear-cut winner. While Mike Daniels is doing great work next to him as well, Clark is absolutely playing at an All-Pro level and heís doing it on a much higher workload ó 433 snaps (82% of the teamís total) to 342 (65%). Itís probably not fair to bring sacks into the equation for these two players, either, but it is notable that Clark is tied for the team lead with Blake Martinez and Kyler Fackrell.My pick for top rookie is based on the eye test regarding how the Packers look with and without him in the lineup. Alexander has brought some swagger and an exceptional skill set to the secondary. While Marquez Valdes-Scantling is a terrific story and has made a series of big plays, Alexander has his share as well and his attitude seems to rub off on the defense as a whole.The final category was the toughest for me, but I have to agree with Jon and go with Fackrell. Seeing him beat Andrew Whitworth (one of the other candidates for the top LT in the league) on a speed rush for a sack two weeks ago was honestly a bit shocking. In past years, he often looked like he didnít even belong on a football field; this year, he hasnít made any particularly glaring mistakes and certainly looks deserving of the 20 snaps per game or so that he has been receiving.Mike ViethOffensive MVP: David BakhtiariDefensive MVP: Mike DanielsRookie of the Year: Marquez Valdes-ScantlingMost Improved: Reggie GilbertComments: The offense has been extremely disappointing and underwhelming this season. From Aaron Rodgers on down, I donít most players are playing their best and are lacking in some way this season. However Aaron Rodgers Jersey , there are a few exceptions. First, is my Offensive MVP, David Bakhtiari. This was tough between Bakhtiari and Davante Adams but Iím giving some love to the offensive line here. My Defensive MVP goes to the anchor of the defensive line, Mike Daniels. There is an expected argument picking Daniels over someone like Kenny Clark or Blake Martinez but what Daniels is doing is making those players better. Daniels doesnít come up much on the stat sheet this year but thatís because he is constantly fighting double teams all game long. The few times teams leave him one-on-one, he dominates and gets a sack or tackle. With these double teams, it is making teams pay less attention to Clark and Martinez and they are cleaning up plays while Daniels does all the dirty work. Donít take that as a knock on Clark or Martinez. They are very good players and, with Daniels, will be a force for years to come in the middle of the defense but right now Daniels taking the focus of offensive lines is making Clark show his potential and giving the clear lanes for Martinez to make a tackle or blitz. Shawn WagnerOffensive MVP: Davante AdamsDefensive MVP: Kenny ClarkRookie of the Year: Jaire AlexanderMost Improved Player: Marquez Valdes-ScantlingComments: Jon and I almost matched completely on our selections and Kyler Fackrell has been as improved as any player on the roster. But over the last few weeks, I give my selection for that award to MVS, who has been noticeably gaining confidence by the week and has made an incredible year-one adjustment in his route-running and reliability since he arrived in Green Bay after the draft. He may have had the most raw talent of any Packer wide receiver drafted this year, but I anticipated that he would take the longest to develop. I couldnít be more wrong as MVS is emerging as the vertical threat Green Bay hasnít had in a long time and earning Aaron Rodgersí trust with regularity. Still, my best rookie award goes to Alexander. The defense is exponentially better when he is on the field versus injured and his ability to become a true shutdown corner in this league was showcased in Los Angeles. Alexanderís swagger from day one was something rarely seen from Packer defenders, especially in the secondary, and it will rub off on his teammates in time (if it hasnít already). Even Mike McCarthy acknowledged Alexander as the teamís top cover man.As far as MVPs on each side of the ball Clay Matthews Jersey , Adams has been outstanding at creating after the catch and been an instrumental part of the Packersí comeback efforts this season. Without Jordy Nelson and a healthy Randall Cobb for a majority of the season, Adams has blossomed since his and probably should get the ball even more than he does now. Likewise, Clark has continued his ascension as a Pro Bowl-caliber defensive lineman and become as much a threat in the pass rush as against the run. As far as interior defenders go, Clark is among the best in the NFC and has helped create impressive stat lines for his teammates, especially Blake Martinez. Clark has only stepped up his game in Muhammad Wilkersonís absence and is deserving of the teamís defensive MVP honors.Wendi HansenOffensive MVP: David BakhtiariDefensive MVP: Kenny ClarkRookie of the Year: Marquez Valdes-ScantlingMost Improved Player: Reggie GilbertI agree with a lot of the APC writers in saying that the Packersí offense this year has been nothing to write home about. They just seem ďoffĒ in a lot of ways, a factor that has come into play in a lot of the games thus far. That being said, there are a few standouts in my mind, Bakhtiari in particular. His pass and run blocking game continues to get stronger and he has proven time and time again that he can get the job done. On the defensive side of things, Clark is the His energy on the field is contagious, heís a force going up against any opponentís offense and has done this all while stepping in for Wilkerson. A man of an MVP in my mind for sure. Rookie of the Year has to go to my man MVS. It has been so damn fun to watch his transformation so far this season. His chemistry with Rodgers reminds me a lot like that of, Iím gonna say it, Rodgers and Nelson. Heís smart and knows how to handle the ball, something that will only continue to develop as his confidence grows. Lastly, the Most Improved Player award goes to Gilbert. After a lot of time spent on the practice squad Mike Daniels Jersey , he found his footing fast and has quickly learned Pettineís defense. He reminds me a lot of Matthews back in the day, and I wouldnít be surprised if he gets more reps moving forward. Bob FitchOffensive MVP: Davante AdamsDefensive MVP: Kenny ClarkRookie of the Year: Jaire AlexanderMost Improved Player: Kyler FackrellDavante has stepped up his game this year, and heís been doing so every year heís been in the league.Itís not easy to continually improve at the rate Adams is doing, but itís clear heís a #1 receiver and demands attention from defenses.I wanted to give this award to Bakhtiari, because I love #69 and offensive line play in general, but Adamsí jump from year to year gave him the edge.Bakh was already a top 5 OT, now heís top 3.Defensively, Kenny Clark has ascended to the level many expected this year.It honestly surprised me that heís second on the team in total tackles and tied for first in sacks (with Blake Martinez and Kyler Fackrell).Having a dominant man in the middle to both up space and beat his blocker has been vital to the success of the run defense, and Clark has compounded has natural talents with the role that Mike Daniels is asked to play.The rookie of the year is a no-brainer for me, and a guy I just finished writing about: Jaire Alexander.This guy is legit.He has the speed, the handwork, the footwork and even the anticipation to be a future shut down cover man.Out of all of the recent draft picks on the Green Bay roster, Jaireís future is the one Iím most excited for.

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