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Above all, this involves two simple actions: optimizing Dofus Kamas  customer and using keyboard shortcuts. In terms of keyboard shortcuts, nothing really rocket science. The keys to 7 to throw the 7 charms of your very first line, then Ctrl + 1 to 2 7 to cast the spells of the next lineup, F1 to pass the turn and two to use your weapon.These shortcuts are the default ones and can obviously be modified, and it's a good idea to place your spells in your bars to play quicker with those shortcuts, but once mastered it's a substantial advantage of time that will definitely make the difference with the Dofus players who don't use them.Your quest stock will fill up, at a rate of 1 Doplon a 1 Doplon for each battle. The Benefit? The purchase costs of Temple items and services are reduced if you have the Doplons! You can: Against 1 token in your class, but only once a character, you may choose between completely minding your stats or only those gained by leveling (Scroll Points are not affected). It's possible to reset its characteristics as you've got reconstituting Orbs.

Against 1 Doplon of all sorts or 7 Doplons of a class, it is possible to reset the ranks of a spell. You may recover the amount of points spent. This is probably the very best way to launch a guild, also from the start of Nabur will observe these Dofus players associations appear! Yes, it has to be purchased and not obtained automatically! A specific week after using the key, although it doesn't reset Tuesday. Of course, that the Dopples can also recover his 21st spell, occasionally essential (for the Cras such as ).Golden Dragunes are devourers of all Dopeul spirits. It's strongly recommended to equip them to form familiars Wisdom that, if you do not helpful, can be resold at prices that were good!

Ankama Group, creators of this beautiful strategic strategy MMORPG Dofus, have signed a deal with Microsoft to bring their creation to the Xbox Live Arcade. Wakfu is now Ankama's large cross-media undertaking, that combines a fresh MMO set 1,000 years following Wakfu, which ties in with a animated cartoon, card Dofus sport, comic book, and an Xbox Live Arcade title due in late 2009. Islands of buy Kamas Dofus Retro  Wakfu is going to be an experience beat-em up title that reveals background content from the Dofus and Wakfu, which two Dofus gamers will be able to play in staff mode.

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