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Messaggio How Fun Is PSO2?

#1  wfuuopy Mar 11 Ago, 2020 04:41

I am a massive lover of PSO2 Meseta  - particularly supporting as Force, and still pop ephinea psobb sometimes to play my fomar/fomarl. I've mostly avoided pso2 because I didn't wish to take the chance of obtaining a sudden IP ban for playing it outside of Japan, and quite a few things weren't interpreted, which makes it not readily accessible for mepersonally. I mainly assumed it was not ever coming into the us and didn't really look too much into it. I did play PSU when it was published and was pretty disappointed by it - if I remember right, PSU largely dropped craftable items that took a lot of the hype from those wonderful red drops, and I did not believe the combat/music/environments did PSO justice.

I have seen a lot of hype for pso2, also because it is coming out soon, I wanted to know the overall opinion. What's the teamwork/character progress in that game, and how satisfying is the combat? My absolute favourite thing in PSO was obstacle mode and running through maps as a low level with just what you discover while solving puzzles was good - does pso2 have anything like this? PSO2 is its own game and honestly doesn't really feel like PSO but it's better Quality of Life.

There is a lot more fluid battle and quality of life for certain in PSO2. I am not sure if the OST in PSO2 is better than PSO1 though that is an opinion. I would play PSO2 once it releases. It's really such a chill game. I'm not generally a fan of this lobby looter shot genre but something about PSO2 just really clicked with me when I played it. It has just the ideal dash of"12 year old syndrome" trendy in addition to character customization which stinks games 10 years its senior out of the sport, amazing build diversity, a glut of material and above all, all-class leveling onto the one character. It is not perfect and has some difficulties, but it's easily up there as one of the very pleasant free-to-play experiences you're ever likely to have, period.

Long time (5years) PSO2 JP participant here and I'll attempt to answer a few of your queries, in addition to provide my personal comment on PSO2. PSO2 is pretty fun if you should play it casually. It has a huge sum of style (the true end match ), that is pretty accesible to F2P gamers, at least judging from JP server market costs; As well as quite liquid combat, although that is based upon the class. New"successor" courses (will) perform far better than old ones, but with the amount of courses in PSO2, I'm sure you will be able to find one that suits you.

Regarding battle: you have some classes that provide some utility in quests, like Techter, but in general each course is DPS-focused and there is little to no cases when you require cooperation like in other MMORPGs. And it will be even worse once Advanced/Successor classes release. Challenge manner does exist (though I am not certain how it contrasts to PSO one), but it's significantly abandoned in JP server, and that I doubt the situation is going to can you buy meseta on pso2 be any different in NA, at least not for long.

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