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Houston Texans NewsDivision champion Texans not seeking bandwagon fans (Houston Chronicle)Colts TE Eric Ebron a dangerous threat to Texans’ secondary (Houston Chronicle)Texans corner Johnathan Joseph ‘trending’ toward return Saturday (Houston Chronicle)Texans rookie Keke Coutee has a ‘shot’ to play in playoff game (Houston Chronicle)Texans award game ball to Cal McNair (Houston Chronicle)NFL NewsA.B. skipped walkthrough Womens Stephen Anderson Jersey , left Bengals game early ( Lewis out as Bengals coach after 16 years ( TE Henry to take first-team practice reps ( coaching jobs: Browns, Pack most alluring ( fire running backs coach Tyrone Wheatley ( Adam Gase is not a candidate for Broncos ( draft order: 3 QB-needy teams in top 10 ( hire Mike Mayock as new general manager ( Jaguars voided Fournette’s guarantees ( & Collegiate SportsRockets end 2018 with a win (The Dream Shake)James Harden named Western Conference Player of the Week... again (The Dream Shake)James Harden’s top five moments of 2018 (The Dream Shake) C’mon in and sit a spell, cast off the oppressive pants of tyranny and let the world (or the blog) know what’s going on with you."For most of my life, I never cared, or really thought about , what it took to keep a house up.If an appliance broke, my father would take care of it.If the yard needed mowing, Dad did it.We had no garden and a drafty house because despite my dad’s best efforts.he was no more handy than I was.hE did his best to make sure my sister and I had a roof over our heads.None of us really cared about having an attractive home or did any kind of serious gardening outside of mowing the lawn when it started to blot out the sun in the windows.Part of it was due to our collective laziness.part of it because none of us were particularly handy around the house (mostly the former in my case).In my formative years, my interests primarily revolved around getting a date and trying to beat Kefka in Final Fantasy VI.Fast forward to now, however Trevor Daniel Jersey , where I own a home that I’m not entirely sure I want to keep.I suddenly find myself thinking about starting a garden in the backyard, about modifying the front/side yards so I don’t have to mow them as much, if at all, and about how I’m kind of excited about trying to replace faulty electrical objects around the house (in the last two weeks, our dimmer switch has started to fail and the heating element in our oven broke and needs to be replaced).I never wanted to do anything of the sort until now.Now that I have a house which I can do these things on (side note:the house used to belong to my father-in-law and now belongs to Mrs. UT) Womens Aaron Colvin Jersey , this urge to do stuff is confusing the crap out of me.Just last week I spent an entire football Sunday doing research on how to build and operate irrigation systems for this hypothetical garden I plan to build.I I’m getting old.Anyway, that’s what’s been going on in my head the last few weeks.What’s going on with y’all?Got any big ambitious household plans you’ve been itching to try or are in the middle of?Or do you just stay in the house and play video games, which is also a great way to while away a weekend?Let us know what’s going on with you.Because you’re interesting and important and we care about you as well.

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