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The story takes place in Huanli (the Year regarding Dazzling) 3015. D'natia and Kōran, 2 countries fighting for supremacy, are causing the world to be torn apart because of the constant war. Amidst the strife may be the island country Nil Kamui, which provides lost its independence. Red Dragon, typically the guardian god of Nil Kamui, goes out of manage.qualitycosplay
To this end, the elites through the three countries shaped a unit called the "mixed analysis team", plus the fate of the island nation will end up being continued them...
This anime adapted through the game is popular with many people. People like different characters for various reasons, these kinds of as the character's ability, personality or perhaps clothing. Let's review these roles collectively.

He has a short white hair and the overall costume is usually mainly white and red.
The kind boy who cares for the kids at the orphanage of Neil Camsey, the particular island nation.
There is blood in the body that as soon as ruled Neil Kamsay's "Huang Dynasty. inch
To this end, he became the particular "child of the contract" with all the agreement of Neil Kamui's guardian dragon "Red Dragon".
He obtained the power to kill the foe at the expense of his friend's soul, but he or she would not want to have...

A girl belonging to typically the revolutionary army of Neil Camsay’s independence. Responsible for typically the guard of Neil Kamyi’s royal family members.
This is a cute girl in black dress.
A new "contact" race of which is linked to the monster inside a special approach, and share lifestyle with all the huge canine-like monster "Val" that will has been broken by both eyes.
Before the meeting with the brand new Military, live a life just like a beast.

Its eyes are destroyed, it is just a creature of giant dog form and baseball bat wings.
Attached to Eiha through a specific way, sharing lifestyle with her.
This allows Eiha to be able to sit on his back again and fly into the air, and he can also play a fantastic enemy within battle.
It utilizes a huge minion as a weapon to slaughter the particular enemy.
The towel that covered typically the damaged eyes has been inserted with typically the flowers picked simply by Eiha.

Swallow Cratsvalley:
He is typically the fallen aristocrat associated with the military country Donatiya, and is also the young knight associated with the "Black Monster Knights", the most powerful corps associated with the country.
He was born with a "crushing" curse the items used in his hands would be destroyed, in addition to he was imprisoned at an early age.
It will be destroyed by simply the use associated with the item, and he will borrow the particular hand of Mashiro from the time of eating.

Mashiro Sagura:
A female who acts as the slave to Swallow. The girl with wearing a new long skirt.
As an alternative of destroying the items used, Swallow, who has the curse regarding "crushing", uses stage sets to assist his / her life, but when he does not swear, she will refute with harsh terms.
At the exact same time, she will be also the head of the Chabett Chamber of Business, managing the property of the Cratsvalley family.

Lou Zhenhua:
Equipped monks affiliated with the religious business "Eight Claws".
With regard to the possession regarding the need, the blade which will absorb typically the soul of the person it slayed, "Qisha Tianling" is dumped, and it is referred to as the Highness in the Highness.
The title of the assassin who buryed all sorts of targets in the particular dark world is usually unknown.
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